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Kelso Town Trail

Discover Kelso's Architectural Richness

Scottish Borders Council has created the Kelso Town Trail. The aim of the trail is to provide the visitor to Kelso with an added dimension to local history and a flavour of the town's development, in particular, the historical growth of the town, its buildings and other items of interest.

Kelso Town Trail

Structures from the 12th Century to the Year 2000

Along the route of Kelso Town Trail there is the opportunity to view structures which may be as old as the 12th century or as new as the year 2000, but all show the architectural richness which together make up the town which locals know and love.

The Trail is approximately 3.5km (2 miles) long. The walk starts and finishes in The Square at the Town Hall which houses the Visitor Information Centre. For those with more time, extensions to the Trail are suggested.

In order to guide the visitor, plaques are sited along the route at specific points of interest and information relating to them can be found within the Kelso Town Trail leaflet.

Kelso Town Trail Leaflet

Kelso Town Trail

Download the Kelso Town Trail leaflet (PDF) and visit Scottish Borders Council's website.

Walk Kelso Town Trail

Immerse yourself in Kelso and its architectural richness.

  • Town Hall
  • Bridge Street
  • Ednam House
  • Abbey Court
  • Turret House
  • Kelso Abbey
  • Kelso Bridge
  • Waverley Lodge
  • Old Parish Church
  • Abbey Row
  • Woodmarket
  • Coalmarket
  • Horsemarket
  • Bowmont Street
  • Floors Castle
  • Roxburgh Street