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900 Exhibition

In 1113, Europe was in the middle of a religious reform movement. This saw the founding of several new monastic movements, such as the Cistercians and Tironensians. In Scotland the reforms were encouraged by St Margaret, Queen of Malcolm III and her sons Edgar, Alexander I and especially David I. In 1113 Prince David, as he was then, brought monks from Tiron in Northern France to set up an abbey in Scotland. The monks were settled first at Selkirk, however when David became King in 1124, he decided to move them nearer to his great castle and Royal Burgh of Roxburgh. So in 1128 the Tironensian monks moved down the Tweed to their new base at Kelso.

In 2013, Kelso Connections celebrated the 900 years since David brought the abbey’s first monks to Scotland from France with an exhibition "Kelso Abbey 900". We hope that you enjoy the materials from the exhibition displayed here on our website.