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Kelso is a town in the Scottish Borders region of Scotland. "Kelso Connections", is a community group from Kelso, the group's website will introduce you to Kelso; its heritage, culture, people and places. It aims to inform, educate and inspire you as you discover Kelso and its wealth of history. Find out more about Kelso Connections.

Kelso in the Scottish Borders

The town of Kelso entered written history with the creation of Kelso Abbey in 1128. At that time, just across the River Tweed was the Royal Burgh of Roxburgh and its castle. It was one of the most important towns in Scotland, the residence of kings and for more than a hundred years at the centre of government. However, during the wars of the later Middle Ages it had a turbulent history.

In 1460 after many years of English occupation, the castle was recaptured by the Scots, but at a price. In the process the Scots King James II was killed by an exploding cannon. After this the castle was demolished. The burgh gradually lost its importance and was eventually replaced by Kelso as the chief town of the area.

Kelso Abbey closed during the Reformation but the town next to it flourished. By the 18th century Kelso had become a busy market town, with many craftsmen and merchants, and weekly markets serving the needs of the area. Fires in 1684 and 1742 destroyed much of the town; the rebuilding which followed gave the town centre its Georgian character.

The Square is the largest market square in Scotland, with the Town House (Town Hall) its stunning centrepiece. Built in 1816 to replace the old Tolbooth, it was originally home to the local court and the Town Council, but is now the residence of the registrar and Visit Scotland.

Today Kelso continues to have a strong link to the farming community and is the home of the Border Union Show. It also thrives as a major tourist attraction with the Abbey, Georgian Square and Cobbled Streets.


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Kelso Connections has compiled this fascinating collection of storyboard autobiographies to share the contributions that people from Kelso have made through the ages. Biographies of characters with Kelso connections who have made their mark throughout the world.
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Kelso Abbey

Kelso Abbey

Founded in 1128, by David 1, Kelso Abbey was the largest and richest of all the Border Abbeys. The monks belonged to a reformed Benedictine Order. They spent a few years in Selkirk before moving to Kelso. Little now remains of its great church apart from the west tower.
Kelso Abbey

Kelso Museum

Kelso Virtual Museum

A 'Virtual Museum' for Kelso has been made possible as a legacy of the Townscape Heritage initiative. The 'Virtual Museum' compensates for the fact that we no longer have a physical presence in the town. Here you will find images from the Museum collection which has been in storage for the past 18 years.
Kelso Museum